The Sabotage: Poland preparing its own response Among Us

Independent studio Yeyuna, which has already announced Chinese Empires urban planning strategy, announced that it is working on another game. And this is The Sabotage, an online social detective โ€” the genre became extremely popular after the success of Among Us. In The Sabotage, we have to go to a randomly generated mine in search of gold.

Its location can be seen on the map, only to reach by chopping through the way in the thick of the earth. But the task is complicated by the fact that one of the team of miners is a saboter who will stop at nothing to get all the gold only to him.

The saboter has a wide range of possibilities. He is able to replace the batteries to leave the miners in the crummy gloom, steer his fellow companions down the wrong path, and even set up the collapse to muddy their houses.

The games creators promise short , ten-minute sessions: If gold fails to find gold in that time, the miners will lose, and the saboter wins. The Sabotage release dates have not yet been announced.

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