The samurai thriller Trek to Yomi released a story trailer

Xbox has scheduled the presentation of ID @Xbox for March 16, one of the participants of which will be the samurai thriller Trek to Yomi. And today, Sony held its own State of Play show, which also featured the Flying Wild Hom studio.

Developers and publishers from Devolver Digital presented us with a story trailer Trek to Yomi. In it, a young samurai renounces his fate in order to take revenge on the killers of his teacher.

And the path to revenge leads through war-torn Japan, full of cruelty, violence and death. Trek to Yomi is created under the impression of classic Japanese action movies, and this is once again emphasized in a new trailer.

It ends with quite cinematic titles that represent those who played the main roles. These are famous actors Masayuki Kato, Hiroki Goto, Hiroshi Shirokuma and the famous voice actor Akio Otsuka.

who has been voicing anime since 1984. His voice sounds in the original versions of Metal Gear, Final Fantasy XII, Soulcalibur II, Yakuza 3, Kingdom Hearts and Gungrave G.

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