The search for the corona vaccine: ‘We’re getting closer and closer’

Good news about the coronavirus vaccine. Scientists are getting closer and closer and hope the vaccine will be ready in a few months.

Some companies now have a vaccine available. In order to know whether it works against the corona virus, it is extensively tested.

Testing on cells

It starts in a laboratory. That’s where scientists look at how the drug reacts to human cells. They do that with bowls and test tubes.

Testing on animals

If all goes well, the vaccine will be tested on animals. Scientists then check whether the drug works or not.

Testing on humans

Only in the final testing phase is it tested on humans. First on a small group of dozens of test subjects. If everyone remains healthy and the scientists know for sure that the drug is safe, the testing will continue. Then it is tested on a larger group, of hundreds of people and later even thousands of people.

Once the vaccine has been approved, the final step can begin: making the millions of vaccines. These then have to be distributed so that as many people as possible can be vaccinated against covid-19.

Probably vulnerable people will be vaccinated first. Elderly people and people who work in health care, for example. After that, slowly more people will be vaccinated.


Children are probably not vaccinated because they still suffer very little from the virus.