The second corona wave: what is the situation in the rest of Europe?

The number of coronavirus infections in the Netherlands is increasing rapidly. This week, the Cabinet announced new and stricter measures. In large parts of Europe, the second wave is also going on, as in Spain and the United Kingdom. Correspondents explain whats going on with them. And what do the newspapers write there anyway?

Merkel warns Germany of mischief – Bild, Germany

In Germany, the number of infections is increasing. On average, five people per 100,000 inhabitants were infected last week. Measures vary from country to country, but a lower limit for the rules is set at national level. โ€œYesterday, the government and the prime ministers of the sixteen Lรคnder agreed to intervene earlier,โ€ says correspondent Judith van de Hulsbeek. โ€œFirst, the limit for new measures was 50 new infections per week per 100,000 inhabitants. That number has been reduced to 35 in order to better anticipate the contamination.โ€

The new measures include, among other things, the hospitality industry needs to be closed earlier in some places and fewer people can gather together. In addition, the obligation to apply a mouthcap is further extended in certain Lรคnder. However, throughout Germany, the same rules apply in terms of distance and hygiene.

โ€œ The Netherlands is seen here as a kind of horror scenario, just like the Czech Republic. They actually say: if you dont intervene, well be like them,โ€ says Van de Hulsbeek. โ€œPreviously, infections could be contained, among other things because the contact research is in order in many places. But Merkel also says: Let us not knock ourselves on the chest, because the number of infections is increasing and we too have lost control of the infection chains in some places.โ€

Catalonia closes catering for 15 days to stop social life – El Pais, Spain

โ€œ In Spain, complete cities are closed,โ€ says correspondent Rop Zoutberg. โ€œIts not a lockdown, but you dont get out of Madrid, for example. In doing so, the government wants to restrict peoples movements. Even outside the city, small villages are closed because of the many contaminants.โ€

In the last few days, many new infections have been added. โ€œIts a roller coaster that goes up and down. Yesterday, almost 12,000 new infections and over 200 deaths were added in one day, which frightened the Spaniards. They are still not the numbers of spring, but they are insane numbers. We know that the tax on health care is high,โ€ says Zoutberg. In Spain last week, about 22 people were infected with coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants.

In Spain, mouthcaps are mandatory everywhere. โ€œOutside on the street, in shops, in public transport. In general, the rule is followed well and there is little resistance to it. There are problems here and there because of people who organize parties and dont wear mouthcaps. But if you look at these incidents on a population of 48 million, its not easy.โ€

The following map shows that there are relatively many infections in the Netherlands per 100,000 inhabitants:

Record number of infections, Christmas in danger – La Repubblica, Italy

โ€œ In Italy there are about as many new infections per day as in the Netherlands,โ€ says correspondent Mustafa Marghadi. โ€œBut in the Netherlands there are 3.5 times fewer people. The new measures are similar to those in the Netherlands, but are taken at an earlier stage. Thus, the growth in the number of infections can be limited. There is also much more testing here.โ€ Per 100,000 inhabitants in Italy, an average of eight people tested positive.

Unlike in the Netherlands, bars and restaurants are still open, although some have to close earlier in the evening. Recently, Italians have to wear a mouthcap everywhere, including on the streets. โ€œThe rules are well observed. Thats how everyone in Rome has a mouthcap on.โ€

However, many Italians are afraid that there will be another lockdown, for example in December. โ€œThats what everyones talking about. No ones waiting for that. With that fear in mind, I feel that everyone adheres well to the rules.โ€

Macron: โ€œEveryone must helpโ€ – Le Parisien, France

French President Macron gave a television speech last night. He said there are an average of 20,000 infections and 200 ic recordings every day in France. The latest figures show that per 100,000 inhabitants of France, on average, 26 people test positive, says correspondent Frank Renout. โ€œMacron thinks measures are needed. In nine major urban areas, where almost a third of the French population lives, a curfew has been established.โ€

In France, cafes have been closed for a long time, restaurants are still open. โ€œBut they are also afraid that they no longer have customers or have to close them. It is striking that travel remains possible. During the lockdown in the spring there was a travel ban, but next autumn holidays can be traveled,โ€ saysRenout. The duty of mouth cap applies in public interior spaces, but also at work and in schools. โ€œIn many cities it is also mandatory on the streets, for example in Paris.โ€

According to Renout, the rules are followed well. โ€œMany French support the measures, there is broad support for the policy – including for the curfew that will take place on Saturday.โ€

Proof that the lockdown rips the heart from Britain – The Daily Mail, United Kingdom

โ€œ In Britain it took a while before the second wave burst,โ€ says correspondent Tim de Wit. โ€œOver the past two weeks, the number of infections has exploded again and we are once again one of Europes frontrunners. But its not like in the Netherlands.โ€ Last week, an average of 22 people per 100,000 inhabitants tested positive for coronavirus.

Prime Minister Johnson introduced a traffic light system this week, working with three levels. The most stringent measures apply to the highest level. โ€œCurrently, Liverpool is Britains source of fire, where they are already at the highest level of traffic light. Pubs, cinemas and gyms are close there and non-necessary trips outside the city are not allowed,โ€ says De Wit. Healthcare is under pressure. โ€œ95 percent of the ic beds are occupied, thats pretty wrong.โ€

In London, too, things are going in the wrong direction. โ€œThe mayor has proclaimed new measures. You cant get together on the floor like that anymore. This is a strong measure to reduce social contacts.โ€ The catering industry in London is still open, but must be closed at 22:00. Mouth caps are mandatory in public transport, indoor areas and restaurants. โ€œMany people wear them, especially because there are high fines if you dont. The fine starts at 200 pounds, but doubles if you get it more often.โ€