The sensational Six Days in Fallujah, which Konami cancelled 12 years ago, is back in development

Remember Six Days in Fallujah? It is a realistic tactical shooter that Konami cancelled in 2009 shortly before release โ€” due to criticism from the British military and non-core media. So, the game is back in development and before the end of the year will be on sale for consoles and PC. The publisher was the young company Victura, which was founded by the head of Atomic Games – she worked on the original shooter.

The studio Highwire Games is responsible for the development – it was founded by Bungie veterans (Halo, Destiny), including Marty O‘Donnell. By the current moment, she managed to release only an exclusive PlayStation – Golem.

Of course, a new version of the sensational Six Days in Fallujah is created from scratch, but according to the same principles: developers want to convey the real horrors of war. In this they are helped by many soldiers who had to survive the battle for Fallujah in 2004.

โ€œWar is full of uncertainty and difficult decisions that can’t be understood when watching something on TV โ€” there the choice is made for you. Video games can help us show real events.

โ€ Shooter developers spent more than three years creating unique technologies and gameplay mechanics that will help to convey the fullness real modern hostilities – no other games, according to them, have not done this yet. The new Six Days in Fallujah already has a page on Steam.

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