The Sims 4 players can try out “Life in the City” supplement for free

While fans of futuristic shooters enjoy a free weekend at Titanfall 2, lovers of peaceful life can spend time in a trial version of the Life in the City supplement for The Sims 4. EA has arranged an unusual action, making the expansion temporarily free. Players will have unlimited access to all the content of the Life in the City supplement.

They will be able to go to San Mishuno, settle their Sims in a rented apartment or in a real luxury penthouse, visit city festivals, paint graffiti, sing karaoke, play basketball, Listen to street musicians and try fast food at local kiosks. The Life in the City supplement is available for free only in Origin.

The campaign has already started and will last until May 3, 20:00 Moscow time. A visit to the city will not spoil the existing save: the game will automatically make a copy of it.

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