The Sinking City will be released on PS5 at midnight โ€” details of the nextgen version

Frogwares announced that at midnight The Sinking City will be released on PlayStation 5 at a reduced price, and PS Plus subscribers will be able to purchase the game at a 30% discount within two weeks. The publisher of this version will be Frogwaves itself, but for this reason in the near future the owners of the game on PS4 will not be able to get a nextgen upgrade due to the trial with Nacon, the original publisher of detective adventures. Among the features of The Sinking City on PS5 note fast downloads (up to 6 times faster than on PS4), improved graphics in 4K at 60 frames per second, and support for DualSense gamepad capabilities and the consoles โ€œActivityโ€.

Developers also prepared a trailer of the game for PS5, but you can immediately notice several shortcomings of the new version – it is loaded not so quickly, but when studying texture items are loaded with delay. More on Gambling Summer Fall Guys will release on Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch The creators of Little Nightmares will now take up a new IP For HBO Max really create a series about John Constantine.