The soundtrack to Priest Simulator will record black metal band Gruzja

Until we heard news of the village exorcist Priest Simulator simulator, a lot of new things happened with the game. To begin with, from the hands of the studio Delirma, known for Priest, she passed to the studio Asmodev. And she already managed to conclude a contract with black metalists.

As it became known, the band Gruzja, which released its first album just a couple of years ago, will record the soundtrack for Priest Simulator. He will make a new album, Vulgator, which will then be released, including on discs.

In the near future, the studio intends to release a demo version of Priest Simulator. But before that, the developers want to make sure that it will not have quite frank bugs like trees hanging in the air.

In addition, Asmodev is now engaged in the development of a scandalous simulator Human Farm – as we remember, in the announcement of the farm on which pigs are raised for peoples food, the studio JTown Games was listed. The reasons why the publishing house Gaming Factory decided to change developers are not called.

Majda Games studio no longer works on Pope Simulator, this game also passed into the hands of Asmodev. So did I Am Your Principal, a school principal simulator that Detalion and Globe Games began to do.

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