The spirit of the hero Rogue Spirit is able to become two dozen characters

For more than a year, Wroclaw studio Kids With Sticks, consisting of five developers, has been sharing pictures of its debut project. And finally it was officially announced: Rogue Spirit is a third-person action movie with elements of a bag. We have to get into the fantasy kingdom of Midra, which took possession of evil forces of chaos.

Fortunately, a group of monks, keeping secrets of the past, managed to summon the spirit of someone who has already coped with this evil once: Prince Midry. Our main character is a spirit, and he has to rely mainly on stealth and intelligence.

But he also has a powerful skill: to instill in the bodies of his defeated enemies. In total such โ€œavailableโ€ bodies – two dozen, and each of the characters has unique skills, weapons and style of the game.

This year Rogue Spirit should go into early Steam access. There she will stay for about seven months.

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