The storyline adventure Where the Heart Leads is released on July 13

Independent studio Armature has finally named the release date for its surreal adventure game Where the Heart Leads, which developers Metroid Prime and God of War are working on. On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, it will be available on July 13. The creators of the game admitted that where the Heart Leads has changed significantly during the process of work.

If at first the idea of the story was to find his home, then now he tells about the search for a soulmate. Thanks to the transformations, the duration of passage will almost double.

And the script, which includes more than 600,000 words, exceeds in volume Stephen King‘s โ€œConfrontationโ€ and even the โ€œLord of the Ringsโ€ trilogy by J. R.

R. Tolkina.

The main character of the game, an exemplary family man Whit Anderson, accidentally falls into a parallel world, and now he can live again all his life. In the process, he will have to make important decisions, and their outcomes will affect his family, friends and himself even after many years.

So Whit’s life story can be created literally by hand. More on Gambling to Satisfactory in April to release fourth major update Authors American Truck Simulator introduced Texas and new lighting system Investigation is over: Director Riot Games innocent.