The submarine killer Peter Madsen breaks out of prison

The Dane Peter Madsen, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall aboard his self-made submarine, was arrested on Tuesday after an escape from prison in Denmark. The Danish police confirm that they arrested a man on Twitter who had escaped from a prison just outside the capital city of Copenhagen.

Madsen sat against a fence after his escape. Two cops held him at gunpoint. He‘s now locked in again.

The place where Madsen sat is about 500 meters away from the Herstedvester prison, in a municipality near Copenhagen. Madsen claimed to have a bomb belt on. That is not yet clear and is being investigated by the police on location.

According to Ekstra Bladet, Peter Madsen was placed in an isolation cell several times, because of suspicion of escape attempts. His lawyer says he’s unaware of the escape.

Horrible details

The horrific case was blowing up a lot of dust at the time. Kim Wall had gone with Madsen for an article in his last invention, a submarine. Madsen killed her aboard with knife wounds, cut the body into pieces and dumped the body parts in the waters south of Copenhagen.

The inventor always insisted that there had been an accident. But the Danish judge ruled that there was clear evidence that the inventor had tortured his victim first and then killed him.