The Telegraph: Tuchel punishes Lukaku after highly publicized interview with Sky Italia

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is thinking about punishing Romelu Lukaku after his remarkable interview with Sky Sport Italia. The Belgian striker indicated that he was not satisfied in London and criticized the Blues mode of play.
Tuchel is therefore seriously thinking about leaving Lukaku out of the roster for Sundays top per Liverpool, reports The Telegraph. Im not happy with the current situation at Chelsea, Lukaku said. Thomas Tuchel has decided to play in another system (3-4-1-2, ed.). I wont give up because Im a professional. But Im not happy about it.
The striker hopes to be able to return to Internazionale. I want to say sorry to the Inter fans. What you have meant to me will always stay with me, says Lukaku. Chelsea manager Tuchel is not happy with the Belgian interview. If you are such a big player as Lukaku, you should know that such words have an impact, the German said at the press conference for the top per.
Chelsea and Liverpool kick off at Stamford Bridge at 5.30 pm on Sunday.