The terraces in Liège open, ‘no matter what the lockdown rules will be’

While we are probably told here on Tuesday evening that the planned eases of 21 April are still waiting for us, the terraces open just across the border. The governor of the Belgian province of Liège has announced that he will not resist if the catering industry opens its terraces on 1 May, regardless of what the Consultation Committee decides on Wednesday.

This reports Het Nieuwsblad based on reports on RTL Info Tuesday morning. The Consultation Committee is a body comprising representatives of the various (currently six) Belgian governments.

In Liège, catering operators are preparing for an opening on 1 May. The terraces will then open regardless of what the Consultation Committee decides. Many decided that after the governor of the province of Hervé Jamar indicated that he would not resist if the terraces opened on May 1st.

For the mayor of Liège, opening the terraces is the solution to put an end to the many lockdown parties. The Liège police are tired. They have more and more difficulty in intervening. When asked whether the police would intervene on May 1, he replied: For the terraces I dont think so.

Several mayors of the province have already said that they will follow the initiative. According to the Walloon news service, however, it is mainly about a way of expressing pressure for the Consultation Committee on Wednesday. If it is then decided that the catering industry should not be open, it may cause problems as it is about a federal decision.