The TV adaptation of James Camerons “True Lies” was launched into development

CBS is working on a TV adaptation of James Cameron‘s True Lies — Matt Nicks (Black Mark) is responsible for the script. The channel has already ordered the filming of the pilot of the series, which will be directed by McGee (Terminator: May the savior come) – Cameron himself will be the producer of the project. The concept of the series echoes the 1994 tape – the wife of an ordinary computer consultant suddenly finds out that in fact her beloved is an international spy.

And they will have to work together to save the world and revive the spark in relationships. Who will play the lead roles instead of Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger is still unclear.

The series based on the film was already tried to make in 2017 – then the author of Arrow worked on the project. Then in 2019, McGee tried to run a show for Disney+.

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