The Unliving role-playing bagels release a demo

RocketBrush and Team17 planned to release their simplified The Unliving bagels early today, October 26. However, a few days before the premiere, the games creators announced a postponement: players will only be able to get to know it in the first half of 2022. Creators are confident that the extra time will allow them Make sure The Unliving brings a lot of memorable experiences to players even in the Early Access version.

And in the end, the postponement will have a positive effect on the quality of the game. To smooth out the frustration, developers are releasing a demo version of The Unliving on Steam today.

The studio says it worked on the trial for a long time and wants to hear what players think of it. Access to the demka was supposed to open at 6pm Moscow time, but it was obviously delayed too.

In The Unliving, we will find the role of a powerful necromancer who throws the army into battle the risen dead, and the more victories, the more soldiers he has. More on Gamemania Fortnite introduced โ€œInvite a Friendโ€ referral program Bandai Namco removed Denuvo from Tekken 7 fighting game The Soviet Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic added undercover police.