The weather remains good, Wednesday 20 degrees

Enjoy an exceptional spring weekend and that enjoyment lasts a few days, with Wednesday possibly 20 degrees tapping.

Meanwhile, the first heat record of 2021 is inside. Around 12.45 pm the temperature in De Bilt rose to 14.9 degrees and thus it is officially the warmest February 21 ever measured, reports The old record stood at 14.8 degrees, in 1949.

In the south of the country it is even softer. The warmest is in Twente, the thermometer already indicates 17 degrees. In the course of the afternoon, the southeast may become even softer. states that the new record โ€œfits well in the trend of the warming climateโ€. For example, last year – looked at the temperature – only two cold records were achieved compared to 24 heat records. That trend has been seen this whole century. More heat records are broken than cold records. Many are expected this year.


Sunday Sunday it will be 17 or 18 degrees in many places in the Netherlands. Only in the north, especially in the Wadden region, the temperatures will be lower. It cools down there because of the cold water of the Wadden Sea, but also because of the wind.


Monday Monday in the morning the sun shines full again. However, veil clouds are again visible. The wind blows moderately from the south and the temperature rises gradually. Around noon its already 12-15 degrees. In the afternoon, the mercury rises further and finally the ceilings are between 15 and 19 degrees with the highest values in the southeast. On the Wadden it becomes a maximum of 11 degrees. The weather shows a lot of sun, but there is also a veil clouds present. Later in the afternoon, clouds in the southwest become a bit thicker and the sun sometimes hides. The south wind is weak to moderate.


Tuesday there are periods of sun, but there are also cloud fields across the land. It remains dry and there is a moderate blowing in the north-western coastal area and at the Wadden sometimes quite a strong south to southwest winds. The temperature is again high and rises to 14-16 degrees in the north and west and to 16-18 degrees elsewhere. In the southeast, the room can reach 19 degrees. At the Wadden it will be a maximum of 11 degrees.

Wednesday warmest day

Wednesday will be the warmest day of the week with temperatures of 15-16 degrees in the north and west and 17 to 19 degrees elsewhere. Locally, it could be up to 20 degrees. On the Wadden it will be 11-13 degrees. The weather shows a lot of sun, but there is also a veil clouds visible. It remains dry and there is a moderate south wind.

Cooler Thursday it

is still very soft with 13 to 17 degrees, but from Friday the wind turns west to northwest and the mercury slowly goes down.

Next weekend it will be 10 to 13 degrees and therefore it will remain quite soft before the end of February. The weather shows more cloudy, but it remains generally dry. Only Friday is a chance for a little bit of rain.