The Wheel Keeps Spin: Amazons Wheels of Time teaser

Amazon has unveiled the debut teaser of Robert Jordan‘s Wheel of Time adaptation, the first season of which will begin airing on November 19. The story follows the journey of several friends who go on the road with Moraine (Rosamund Pike) of the magical order โ€œAyz Sedaiโ€, trying to escape from The minions of the local evil are the Dark Ones. But the characters do not yet know that Moraine herself is looking for a Reborn Dragon that can both save and destroy the world.

Later, the fates of the characters will turn out to be linked to that of the The series has already been renewed for a second season. More on Gamemania, Hideo Kojima offered Mads Mikkelsen a project called MADS MAX In the first six months of Kickstarter passed 184 video games, they raised over $13M at Epic Games Store give away pinball snub to Yoku’s Island Express for free.