The Winter Cone Festival has started in the Potion Craft alchemist simulator

The Winter Shishka festival takes place in the simulator of the medieval alchemist Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator of the Russian studio niceplay games. festive decorations that will bring you experience, as well as complete a number of special tasks from The Way of the Alchemist book. In addition, the developers have fixed several bugs in the game, including a bug , due to which โ€œcustomers in a bad mood paid for the potion more than they should.

โ€ The authors thanked the players for supporting their project, congratulated everyone on the upcoming holidays and reminded that Potion Craft has become a nominee for the Steam Award, in the โ€œSit Upโ€ category – the voting will last until January 3. They also said that they are already working on a large an update that will be released โ€œin the near futureโ€ .

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