The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 postponed until 2022

Bungie postponed the release of the next major expansion for Destiny 2 โ€” now The Witch Queen will not appear until early 2022. According to developers, they have long considered releasing annual extensions in the first half of the year instead of the traditional autumn โ€” so the team can work with less tension and stress, which eventually will result in a better product. But this is not all news: the general online between all platforms will appear in season 15, that is, summer-autumn, more about the future of Destiny will be told at the end of the summer – at the same time they will fully present โ€œWitch Queenโ€ Expansion And yes, โ€œEnd of the Worldโ€ will not be the final of the saga of the confrontation between Light and Darkness โ€” Bungie will need another expansion for a full-fledged of the final.

That is, the storyline of the first Destiny will close around 2024-2025. Also during the year, developers plan to introduce trasfiguration for equipment and weapons (the ability to change the appearance of items) and significantly change the competitive mode.

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