The Witcher: Ronin manga campaign ends in success

Not long ago, CD Projekt RED launched a Kickstarter campaign dedicated to a future manga about Geralt‘s adventures in ancient Japan. The story of how the legendary Witcher hunts down โ€œsnow girlโ€ Yuki-onna proved interesting to fans: the required amount was collected in 2 hours and 16 minutes. Now The Witcher campaign: Ronin has come to an end, and the final results are as follows: the starting goal is 750% complete.

Instead of the $106,000 needed to succeed, there’s about $793,000 in the campaign‘s account. A number of additional targets were unlocked: black and white, alternative covers, new localizations, and more.

The creators of the future manga thanked all the contributors that made it possible get money to produce the edition. Recall that Rafal Yaki, co-creator of โ€œGwentโ€ and the anime Edgerunners based on Cyberpunk 2077, is working on the script of the graphic novel.

And the illustrator is Hataya, author of โ€œThe Cat’s Nameโ€ and the yaoi manga โ€œDiabolically Sadistic Therapy. โ€ More on Gamermania Steam may remove the ability to download old versions of games Resident Evil 4 VR Release for Oculus Quest 2 on October 21 Super Gaming Trailer Shown Mario Eclipse, the fan DLC to Super Mario Sunshine.