The Witcher will cost 8,000 or more to pre-order the Witcher

GaGa Games announced prices for pre-orders of the board game “Old World” by “The Witcher”, the action of which unfolds long before Geralt‘s adventures. Heroes in the role of witchers of different schools will need to travel around the continent, fighting monsters and solving difficult issues. The authors of the original collected the necessary amount of $305 thousand on Kickstarter less than 20 minutes.

According to representatives of GaGa, due to the constant additions of the original authors of the game, the prices for the editions of the project turned out to be impressive. In turn, GaGa tried to adjust the cost so that it does not exceed the price list on Kickstarter with delivery.

The result is as follows: Standard version – 7990 rubles Deluxe version — 13990 rubles Supplement Mages — 3890 rubles Legendary Hunt Supplement — 3390 rubles Supplement Skellige — 3390 rubles Full minced meat (deluxe version and three add-ons) & mdash; 22990 rubles. The standard and deluxe versions include five extensions, including even a story about the roach on the roof.

The latest expansion, dedicated to Tsiri, will add if the authors manage to collect the right amount in the original. Separately, the first three additions will appear in retail later at a price of about 110 euros (10 thousand rubles), then as the last in stores will not be at all.

For pre-order on the first day also give a miniature of Eredin on horseback, after which it can be purchased separately on the rest of the pre-order days — later, it won’t either. At the same time, the owners of the most complete version will receive three additional monsters, which are also not introduced to retail.

Delivery costs in major parts of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan should not exceed 1000 rubles, and if this happens, GaGa will cover the difference. At the same time, for those wishing added the option of installments for six months.

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