The writer of “Rogue One” worked on the pilot of the series Mirrors Edge

Star Wars: Rogue One scriptwriter Gary Whitta said that in the past he did the series for the Mirrors Edge franchise. The author shared the title page of the script on Twitter The debut episode called Catalyst is apparently a reference to Mirrors Edge Catalyst, which was released in 2016 and restarted the series. The original Mirrors Edge was released back in 2008.

Witta added that he had been writing the script around 2017, so the project could be related to Catalyst as well. The development of the series became known in 2016, when Endemol Shine Studios acquired the rights to the film adaptation.

However, later the production of the project stalled, and no new parts appeared. However, given the recent announcements of several game adaptations for the Binge service, Mirrors Edge series may still be back.

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com/fr0ugtpywc— Merry Whitta (@garywhitta) November 29, 2021Another file from the Almost It folder In Mirrors Edge, the player took on the role of free Faith courier, who parkour in a futuristic city, and the story told about the confrontation of a local corporation that sought to subdue the population through the Web.

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