The Xbox Series X-style mini-fridge was instantly sold out

The Xbox Series X-style mini fridge proved to be a popular Microsoft novelty โ€” the first $100 shipments were instantly sold out. Xbox marketing chief Aaron Greenberg previously reported that the edition of the refrigerator is off limits and more shipments will follow later โ€” specifically in early 2022. However, many users did not want to wait so long and tried to buy the new product right away.

However, the refrigerator was sold out through online orders already in the early hours to appear later on the reschers websites for an increased price of $300. You can still buy models in some regular stores in the United States, but its difficult to get them online at the original price.

The whole thing upset fans who wanted to own a mini fridge. As a result, the product even received a lot of negative feedback from those who were unable to purchase the desired product.

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