The Young versus Hospitals: Were not going to do stupid things

The hospitals can count on us not to do stupid things in sight of the port. This is what Minister De Jonge said this morning in response to the unrest about possible eases from 21 April.

Yesterday, the Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ) was amazed at a plan that was there to open the terraces and shops again and abolish the curfew. The umbrella organisation pointed out that the number of patients, including ICs, is still increasing and that a large proportion of staff have not yet been vaccinated.

Decisive advice OMT

The Young finds the cry for help quite understandable. โ€œThey rightly say: are you sure?โ€ He points out that the easing plan now lies with the experts of the OMT and that their advice plays a decisive role.

โ€œ I cannot anticipate the decisions we are going to make on Tuesday,โ€ says De Jonge. On that day, he and Prime Minister Rutte give another press conference on the corona measures. โ€œWhether and what steps we can take, we can only then say.โ€


The demissionary minister of health says, in addition to hospitals, he also has a sense of understanding in society. โ€œMany people are coronamoe. I am, too. And thats why we need to offer perspective.โ€

Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security also said this morning that there are several interests in whether or not the simplifications continue. โ€œWe look at the situation in hospitals, but also at the economy, for example.โ€ He believes that pressure on, for example, enforcers should also be taken into account. They have extra work because of, among other things, the curfew.