‘Then I would have given Van Gerwen something to think about’

Phil Taylor cant help but challenge Michael van Gerwen in a conversation. The stopped darts legend won sixteen world titles, but sees that his former rival from the Netherlands breaks several records of his. Thats why Taylor also sucks that he threw โ€œonlyโ€ two instead of three nine darts in the 2010 Premier League final.

โ€œ I wish Id thrown this one, I really did. Then I would have given Michael van Gerwen something to think aboutโ€, says Taylor laughing at PDC about the sixteenth leg, where after seven perfect arrows he misses triple 17 and sees a third perfect leg go up in smoke. Earlier in the party, The Power already threw two nine-darters. Eventually he closes Lay 16 with a tiendarter. โ€œHe breaks my records, but break these.โ€

Together with PDC presenter Dan Dawson, Taylor looked back on the memorable 2010 final against James Wade. In that game, he recorded an average of 111 in addition to the two perfect legs, and the final battle is described as one of the best ever. The now 59-year-old Brit triumphed with 10-8 in legs.

Van Gerwen himself threw almost two nine-darters in the semi-final at the 2013 World Cup. Sadly detail: he also played against Wade at that time. The Strainer missed after seventeen perfect arrows double 12 for a historic achievement. Later, he would lose his first World Cup finals to Taylor. By the way, Mighty Mike threw two nine-darters in one game at a floor tournament in 2017. That he was in a match with eight played legs (6-2 win) against the Scot Ryan Murray.

Van Gerwen has already gained several records in the recent past. In October of last year, he completed his prize cabinet by having all twelve major titles at least once in his possession. Even Taylor couldnt do that in his rich career.

โ€œ It is unrealistic to think that I will become world champion more often, but it is possible for me to win a hundred television tournamentsโ€, Van Gerwen said to De Telegraaf earlier. The record number of victories in TV tournaments is in Taylors name with 97 pieces. โ€œYou always have to set yourself goals and this is one of mine. Breaking Taylors records means a lot to me, because hes always been a greatness in our sport.โ€