Then thats a problem for me

Ronald Koeman does not know what the 3-0 punishment against Benfica for his future at FC Barcelona means. The Dutch trainer hopes that the Catalan board has an eye for the difficult conditions.
โ€œI had a really good feeling for a long time. We defend badly on that first goal, but then I saw a very good Barcelona up to 2-0, and we get four chances imposed, which could change a match. If you dont make them and they make two of them, it will end like this,โ€ Koeman analyzes the competition in Lisbon at RTL7.
Koeman hopes Chairman Joan Laporta will keep quiet. โ€œIt
s a hard defeat, but I dont know what this means. If people within the club dont recognize the situation, it will be a problem for me,โ€ said the Dutchman, who remains combative. โ€œI do have faith in it. Because I see that today we play football well over a longer period of time.โ€
โ€œRight now, we dont have the luck and the front class to make a difference,โ€ explains the former national coach. โ€œAnd if you miss attackers, we dont even have a right winger. And all the young guys we end up with… I dont find it that strange.โ€