Theo voluntarily leaves the Big Brother house

Bad news for the fans of the Amsterdam Theo Sijtzema. The high-profile Big Brother candidate voluntarily left the house after two weeks on Thursday morning.

Theo was quickly renamed Terror Theo by viewers because of his present and distinct character. But his fellow residents are still sad by his departure. On the live stream, where Big Brother can be followed 24/7, the other candidates wave him out with a sad face.

Earlier this week, Theo received a warning from the program manager for too fanatical behavior and the associated scold tirades. Last week he also gave a lapdance to fellow resident Els. This was not broadcast on television.


The warning was heavy on Theo and soon he announced his desire to leave to the fellow inhabitants. He indicated not to feel happy in the house, missing his friends and family and getting bored too much. The game and the prize money no longer weighed against it.

Every week, one resident has to be voted out. This week Els and Renรฉ have been nominated for this, it is not yet clear whether one of them should leave the house on Thursday night after Theo has already left.