There is a link between Louis and AZ, so its not coincidental to me

The match between SC Telstar and Jong AZ is mainly about Louis van Gaal, but it also means a clash between Van Gaal and his former pupil Maarten Martens. The two worked together in Alkmaar: Van Gaal as coach, Martens as a player.
The two managed to take the national championship with AZ. Martens keeps warm memories of his time under Van Gaal. Exactly when Telstar takes on Jong AZ, the national coach sits on the bench at De Witte Leeuwen. โ€œThere‘s a link between Louis and AZ. That’s why it‘s not a coincidence for me, but I can be wrongโ€, Martens starts talking to De Cceit. โ€œI don’t break my head about it, I can‘t change it anyway. But it’s fun.โ€
Martens doesn‘t expect Van Gaal to conjure a rabbit out of the top hat this Friday. โ€œNo. Everything will be in agreement with Telstar coach Andries Jonker. But one thing I expect for sure: Louis will know exactly how we play and how we go about it. By the way, I learned that from him: you have to be well prepared as a trainer. That’s also in my character: everything I do, I want to do good. I recognize that very much in Louis.โ€