There is now an app against discrimination in football

Scolded or scolded during a football match? From now on you can report this in a special app of the KNVB. The Football Association wants to do something against discrimination and racism.

Oerwoud sounds

There has been talk about plans against racism in football for a long time. This is mainly due to what happened over a year ago, during a match between Excelsior and FC Den Bosch. From the stands, supporters cried racist things to footballer Achmed Mendes Moreira. For example, they made primeval sounds when he was at the ball.

Prof footballers are not the only ones dealing with racism in games.

In the app, football players of all levels can make a notification. Thats possible when something bad is said to you, but also when you see someone else being scolded.

The KNVB can then talk to the person who said it, or the club where it happened. They hope there will be less discrimination in this way.

The app is called Discrimination Saller and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.