There was a gun in the car: we had to pay

That one magical journey, that drama holiday and always in the suitcase: travellers share their experiences.

Irene Potter (60), retired care and welfare teacher and Rob Trubendorffer (64), retired CWI branch manager.

Most beautiful travel memories

“Spotting the Big Five, something on your wish list when you go to Africa, and visiting the special Masai people in Africa in 2019. I will never forget our visit to the Indians in Peru the year before. Nice to get in touch with other cultures”


“In Mexico, we were stopped by a corrupt policeman with a very large pistol. My three children were in the back of the car. According to him we drove too fast, which was not the case at all. After paying a fine of EUR 500 made up on the spot, we drove on and farmers laughed at us. Apparently this happens more often

Ultimate holiday gadget

We always buy a towel with a print of that country. Not a gadget, but a nice souvenir for home.

Strangest thing ever experienced

Our first trip to America. After a long journey we got tired in a taxi that was assigned to us. He kept driving around in circles, stopped and demanded that we pay way too much. Refusing was not an option: he opened his glove compartment and found a large pistol in it. Just paying was the motto. We did that, we clearly had no choice


“Always take a small suitcase with you as hand luggage, our son who works at RyanAir tipped us that. If you lose your suitcases, which fortunately has never happened to us before, you always have spare gear. You also have everything at hand on the plane itself. He didnt do it himself once and promptly lost his suitcase…”

Always along

“Of course my passport, vaccination booklet, mobile, sunglasses. But also my Cartouche from Egypt.”

Favourite address

“Everything in Zeeland is nice

Wants to go to…

Australia and New Zealand: nature, culture: everything appeals to us

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