There was no actress who played Lady Dimitrescus daughters in Resident Evil Village

Not long ago, Capcom unveiled its new horror, Resident Evil Village. And now announced the sad news: Jeanette Mouse, who voiced witches and recorded animations for them and a number of other characters, has died at the age of 39. Jeanette Mouse was appearing in the Twelve & raquo;, โ€œLesson Overโ€ and โ€œYour Sister‘s Sisterโ€.

She taught acting and helped with casting. She also participated in a number of short films and serials.

For a long time Maus struggled with Crohn’s disease, and last year she was diagnosed with colon cancer. The treatment was successful, but recently she became ill with coronavirus.

In addition to Capcom, her condolences were expressed by the acting school John Rosenfeld Studios, where Jeanette Mouse taught. More on Gambling Insider: Death Stranding to Get New Story Content on PS5 and PS4 For Immortals Fenyx Rising released a โ€œNew Godโ€ add-on โ€” release trailer Full edition of โ€œThe Witcher 3 to be taken off sales for Nintendo Switch.