There will be no lootboxes at Marvels Midnight Suns, only cosmetics

Studio Firaxis continues to talk about their future game, Marvel‘s Midnight Suns superhero strategy. And this time, developers touched on the issue of microtransactions. And assured that no items from the game store will affect gameplay and balance.

According to the creators, Midnight Suns is conceived as a single player tactical strategy with role-playing elements game and card buttler. The game will not have any lootboxes or the chance to get more cards for real money.

All microtransactions will deal exclusively with cosmetic skins. However, there is no need to resort to spending money.

You can unlock many different appearance options in the game, so that their superheroes will be able to pick an appearance to taste. You don’t have to pay to look fresh! There‘ll be tons of cosmetics to unlock in-game pic.

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