There will be no more annual pass at Rainbow Six Siege

At night, Ubisoft told about plans to support Rainbow Six Siege for the coming years, which we have already discussed in a separate note, but one very important detail was omitted – the developers will refuse from the annual subscription. For the past few seasons, the project team has been actively experimenting with a battle pass, however, to have both a year pass and a battle pass was strange. As a result, with the beginning of the sixth year, one model decided to abandon.

Now you can get new operatives when buying an actual combat pass – this will be the first unlock after purchasing a season ticket. Also two weeks after the start of the operation, they can be purchased separately – nothing will change here.

Combat pass of each season will cost 1200 credits, this is about 720 rubles, and separately operatives can be taken for 25,000 points of fame or for 600 credits (359 rubles). During the sixth year Rainbow Six Siege will traditionally undergo 4 operations, each of which will add a new operative, conduct one unique event, and add or change locations.

The sixth year of โ€œSiegeโ€ will begin on March 16 with the start of the Crimson Heist. In addition, the game now has a new logo.

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