These are billion-dollar plans from the upcoming Rutte IV cabinet

โ€œI think the billions are flying around your ears in the coming days.โ€ Now that the negotiation agreement is in fact, political reporter Ron Fresen expects that the new cabinet will pull the wallet considerably. Here you can read what Rutte IV is up to, at least as far as is known.

Environment and energy

More than 270 days, the negotiations that led to an agreement today lasted an overview:

Education and family

Many billions of euros are also expected to be reserved for these themes. The precise interpretation for these budgets is still unclear, apart from two concrete points:

According to Fresen, Rutte IV can be called a recovery cabinet. โ€œIt will have to address things that have remained under Rutte in the years before, or that have been addressed in a way that one now wants to recover. Like the loan system.โ€ The political reporter expects the new coalition to spend โ€œa huge amountโ€ of money.

Housing and nitrogen crisis

The new coalition of government also hopes to be able to make meters on these headache files. There is talk about billion-dollar investments, including in the construction of hundreds of thousands of additional homes. In addition, starters, seniors, but also tenants in the middle segment should be given extra priority.

The precise approach to the nitrogen problem is still unclear. VVD and CDA had set their sights on a special fund to buy farms, move and restore nature. In the coming period, it will be necessary to clarify what the four government parties are planning as a coalition.

Half women

There will also be 30 ministers: 20 ministers and 10 secretaries of state. Now that‘s 24 in total. The new cabinet is further committed to 50 percent female government members.

Fresen: โ€œPeople say it will be a cabinet with new impetus. And with a new style of government, but we’ll have to wait and see that too.โ€