These are the most beautiful places to walk during the holidays

Forest, city, beach, nature reserve: the possibilities for hiking are infinite in our country. We collected some hiking gems for a fresh breath during the holidays.

The forest in

De 14 Vennenwandeling is a popular walk in the Oisterwijk Brabant. During a 9.4 kilometer hiking trail you will cross a large forest. The route starts at the visitor centre Groot Speijck.

Not an extremely large forest, but certainly a special hike: the Wallebos in Beetsterzwaag (FR) has several routes that lead along beautiful fields and forests. A highlight are the beautiful country houses that you see along the way.

National parks

The walking routes on the Veluwe (GLD) are endless, from bare sand plains to dense forests. For example, choose a walk along the Kootwijkerzand, ‘the Sahara of the Low Countries’.

Or go for a walk at the Loenermark in the middle of the Veluwe. Here you will find moors, a sheep herd with heather sheep and juniper bushes.

The Utrechtse Heuvelrug has a few hundred kilometers of hiking trails. A must for example be the Walking Route Landgoed Bornia in Zeist (UT). During this 5.5 kilometer route you will walk past former dusting dunes along moors.

Between the river Maas and the German border you will find the National Park de Maasduinen in Limburg. You will find diverse landscapes, as well as burial mounds, castle ruins and trenches. A lot has happened at this place and with the various hiking routes you go back in time.

At cities

Been de Hofjes van Leiden you will find a combination of peace and a rich history. The courtyards show what social care looked like in the Middle Ages. An interactive map takes you through this history of Leiden. The Tourist Office sells a booklet with the 35 most beautiful courtyards of this city.

Also near the city of Groningen you can completely relax while you walk. During a walking route at the Paterswoldsemeer and the Hoornse lake you will pass a nature reserve and estate. The route starts at the parking lot on the Oude Badweg 1.

To the coast

Walking through the dunes and over the beach; at the bus stop of Kijkduin in the Hague starts the 13 km long walking tour Rondje Kijkduin. Extra fun for children is the petting zoo and vegetable garden on the route.

Combining beach, forest and arable land? In Domburg the 18-kilometre long Groene Wissel Domburg starts. An adventurous route where you cross a wide ditch twice with a trek raft. The tour also takes you along the castle Westhove.


face to face with wild horses and Scottish highlanders? You can do that in the North Holland Dune Reserve. The route starts at the centre of Bergen aan Zee and takes you through the dunes.