These figures can be seen in New Years special The Masked Singer

Fans The Masked Singer dont have to grieve now that the second season is over: with New Years Eve they are treated to a New Years special where five BNers are guests in the show. Meanwhile it is known which figures will participate in the mysterious singing competition of RTL.

Just like the last two seasons of The Masked Singer – where Friday night Jan Dulles won disguised as Neptune – Gerard Joling will work together with Buddy Vedder and Carlo Boszhard with Loretta Schrijver at his side to discover who is hiding in the costumes their singing skills to hear.

The New Years special will show The Champagne bottles, Fireworks, the Oliebol, the Klok and the Snowman. Viewers need to be less patient this time: after noon all the masks are off the candidates.

The Masked Singer Oud & Nieuw special will be on show at RTL 4 on December 31st at 22:20 hrs.