These people feel not heard by politics

Politics are made in The Hague, but the consequences can be seen in the country. That is why we travel through the Netherlands in the weeks before the Second Chamber elections to talk to people about political issues.

Agent Tijs doesn‘t notice any of the political promises, because are there any extra cops on the street? – Animal farmer Alien no longer dares to call herself a farmer, because that’s almost a swear word. – In Zaandam there are 300 people in line for a food package every week. – Healthworker Maaike hardly has time to chat with her clients. – And the black activist Aissa hopes for more diversity in society.

The policy is determined at the Binnenhof. For these people, too. How are choices from The Hague experienced in practice? And what do the Dutch expect from the new cabinet?

The gap turns out great looks reporter Jan Eikelboom: