These solvents can be used in cleaning

Thinner, turpentine, gasoline and acetone are agents that are used in painting, but sometimes also in cleaning. Do you know the differences?

Thinner is an oil-based solvent that is used both for dilution of paint and for cleaning, degreasing and removal of adhesive or sticker residues. Attention: you can not use thinner on plastic, because it dissolves many plastics.

Turpentine, like gasoline, is a petroleum distillate. It is used as a thinner for paint and dissolves fresh paint stains. Since turpentine from itself is slightly greasy, it is not suitable to degrease a surface before gluing or painting something.

Gasoline is best suited for degreasing surfaces and removing glue residues or grease and paint stains. Gasoline can dull some plastics.

In addition to nail polish remover, acetone is also a solvent for stains from grease, resin, glue, paint, ballpoint pen, ink, correction liquid, varnish, copper green and lipstick. Acetone gives dull stains on plastic, paint and paper.