These vulnerable children want a vaccine

For many children it is quite difficult that schools are closed, but there are also children who have been at home for much longer. Because, for example, they have a disease and are therefore extra afraid of corona.

Emma and Elise are two of those kids and they‘ve both been home for months. Elise has a muscle disease, and Emma has Q-fever. They are afraid that they can get extra sick by corona, but sitting at home is quite heavy for them.

Emma even talks to her friends online. The girls hope that that’s why something changes soon.

Still, such a vaccine for children is not in it for the time being. This is mainly because the vaccines have not yet been tested on children and therefore it is not yet certain that it is completely safe for children.

Research is already being done and pediatricians are sure that one day there will be a vaccine that is safe for children. But Emma and Elise have to be patient for that.