“They will shoot me, but could also have been 1-5 or 1-6 for Napoli”

SSC Napoli plays Ajax drunk. The score does not lie: 1-3 for the Italians. Wesley Sneijder and Jan Boskamp are critical.
61% possession of the ball for Napoli, thats curious, says Sneijder at RTL7. Napoli is much brighter and sharper, relentless in the changeover. How Tadic is outsmarted at 1-1, Blind covers on the inside. When Ajax has the ball, it is already attacking, while you have to make sure that the rest defense is in good condition. Thats not good at Ajax. Ajax has been lost on all fronts. It could also have been 1-5 or 1-6, eh. They will shoot me, adds Boskamp. In the Ziggo Sport studio, Youri Mulder also shed light on the matches. Its painful to the extent that the difference in quality and class is simply huge. Napoli is just much better.
The way in which Ajax enters the match is not wrong at all. They start well, enter the duels and lock them in. When they have the ball, they play forward fairly quickly, which can make them dangerous. But with that counter goal, you see that Napoli is simply a better team. That may be painful, but it is the reality.