Thialf seems saved: Parliament majority vote for million euros in support

A majority of the House of Representatives wants the outgoing cabinet to make 1 million euros available once for Thialf skating rink. With the money, the skating complex in Heerenveen can at least remain open for the current season. Skaters are therefore assured of a location to prepare for next years Beijing Olympics.

In addition to the four coalition parties, the parties also want SP and PvdA, that a โ€œplan of actionโ€ be made to solve the structural problems of the stadium. Money is needed, among other things, for maintenance and purchase of new equipment.

Fire letter

The ice stamp has been struggling with financial problems for a long time. In October, top Dutch skaters, including Sjinkie Knegt, Sven Kramer and Ireen Wรผst, sent a fire letter to the House of Representatives and the informators, because the skating stamp threatened to fall. They asked for a one-off government contribution of 20 million euros.

This spring, sports dome NOC*NSF, skating association KNSB, the municipality of Heerenveen and the province of Friesland decided to support Thialf, with a financial boost of 1.4 million euros.

Plans have been made for the skating hall to become financially healthy. For example, the stadium should be used for more purposes. For example, Skaatsbond KNSB wants the stadium to become the national training center for art competitions.