Thief Simulators circulation exceeded two million copies

Polish studio Noble Muffins and publishers PlayWay and Console Labs announced that the circulation of the successful Thief Simulator has reached 2. 1 million copies. Of these, about two million were bought by PC and Nintendo Switch owners, and another 120,000 came from Sony and Microsoft.

Console Labs is already working on new content for the game. By the end of 2021, the first of three planned paid additions should be available.

They plan to include new maps, missions, heists, item packs, and more. In addition, the creators have announced a free patch that should be released later this year.

It will add a new map with a set of missions as well as improve the graphics. Meanwhile, work is already underway on Thief Simulator 2 and has attracted MrCiastku, the author of Wanking Simulator and the masturbation horror trilogy Don‘t Get Caught.

But the mobile ports don’t work out yet: they were entrusted to MobileFabric, a sister studio of SimFabric, but it failed to meet the deadline, so the rights reverted to PlayWay. More on Gamemania Hokko Life added caps, masks and photo mode Switch A version of the bloody action movie BUTCHER in the spirit of the 90s will be released in boxes EA removed from FIFA 22 Benjamin Mendy accused rapes.