Thierry Baudet calls sign interpreters like Irma Sluis nonsense

On Friday, Forum for Democracy Leader Thierry Baudet made a fuss in his own diary about sign language interpreters such as Irma Sluis, who was massively embraced by the Netherlands for her performance at the coronaper conferences.

According to Baudet, it is nonsense to put a deaf interpreter at the press conferences. “There is no need for such a deaf interpreter,” says Baudet. The government would only do this to seem important. The politician calls the corona crisis in his own newsreel a dreamed scenario for the establishment.

Rutte and his cabinet have received a lot of praise over the past six months for the presence of a sign interpreter at the corona sessions. Irma Sluis, who usually translates the Prime Ministers texts for the deaf and hard of hearing, became a national icon. She was given her own song, a lock may be named after her, and training as a sign interpreter increased in popularity.

Sluis was on holiday for a number of months, but returned to the press conference on Friday. On social media her presence was massively applauded.