Think-leader Azarkan wants to broaden party: is not just about discrimination

Think is above all a party that is fighting against discrimination, but according to Think leader Azarkan, the time is ripe to broaden the party.

Fighting inequality and discrimination is the main focus of the party, but Denk also wants to focus on issues such as care and housing. With 20 years of real estate experience as director of the Rijksgebouwendienst, Azarkan said he had โ€œideasโ€ about housing construction.

The party‘s foreman made his statements in the CCEit Radio 1 news and a little later live on Facebook, where a different leader is present every day until the elections.

The party wants – not the only one, by the way – another minister of housing. It will have to steer more, otherwise it will โ€œnot succeed in building the million homes that are desperately neededโ€. Also, Think wants the landlord levy to disappear, which complicates social housing construction.

Cultural sensitive care

In the care, the party advocates the complete abolition of the excess. By the way, they are not the only one in that, acknowledges Azarkan. He also makes a plea for โ€œculture-sensitive careโ€ by which he means that it should also be possible to take care in another language, for example in nursing homes.

Furthermore, the party wants 130 kilometers per hour to be possible again because according to the party the 100 driving does not solve the nitrogen problems. And Azarkan said to be a vaccination passport that gives vaccinees more room, as D66 suggested. Azarkan himself doesn’t know if he‘s going to be vaccinated against corona, he’s still thinking about that.

Azarkan is not afraid of competition from parties such as Nida and Bij1, who are also fighting against inequality and discrimination. He calls it clever that the parties have bothered to set up their parties, but Azarkan does not want to compete โ€œon the square inchโ€.

Think as a party should now โ€œshow that we are really going to broadenโ€. According to Azarkan, Denk has no longer suffered from internal quarrels and intrigues, in which MPs accused each other of brotherly murder. โ€œWe‘re working well together now and we’re doing it together.โ€

Look here a piece of the Q & A back with Farid Azarkan: