Think: Preventing armed conflict, mediating between rap groups

The Amsterdam group of Denk advocates mediation between rival gangster groups. Supporters of different rappers in the capital have been in the process for a long time.

The political party believes that the city administration should take additional measures to maintain peace between the groups of rapper Bigidagoe and rapper Chivv. The rude musicians hit each other in video clips. For example, one of the videos shows off a gold chain that would have been stolen, reports AT5.

The Amsterdam police stopped the two rappers last week. Meanwhile they are at large again, but they do have an area ban for certain parts of Amsterdam. According to Denk, ‘a potential escalation with firearms force’ has been prevented, but the municipality now has to offer independent mediation. โ€œWe need to involve local role models that can act as mediators, because the authorities do not always enjoy the necessary authority and influence.โ€


The rap videos were watched together over a million and a half times over the past week. The mother of rapper Bigidagoe also became unsolicited in the fight: her house was shot several times last year, after her son was shot a day earlier in the Rivierenbuurt. He was wounded, but survived.

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