‘Think Ten Hag will bring United back to top with good gains and time’

Ronald Koeman and Jordi Cruijff are sure: with the right conditions, Manchester United will start the way up under Erik ten Hag. However, the two see that Ten Hag is facing a difficult challenge.
For an item about Ten Hag, Sky Sports travels to the Netherlands to talk to Koeman and Cruijff. The prospective national coach will speak first. โ€œYou need time as a coach. I think United understands that Erik should be given that time,โ€ says Koeman. โ€œAfter that, Man United will come back, Im sure. Ten Hag loves good football and offensive football. With some good wins and time, I think Ten Hag will bring United back to the top of the Premier League.โ€
Cruijff agrees with the words of his former colleague Koeman. โ€œUnited never had a lack of talent, but sometimes good players don
t make for a winning team. This is because things are getting more complicated. In the past, you would say: Okay, this is a good player and fits our style of play. Were going to get him. Now, however, its not just about that player anymore, but also about the players around him. Its about the right balance.โ€
โ€œWith Ten Hag, there is a breath of fresh air in United, it feels like a fresh start. That, however, also gives a lot of expectations and it is difficult to manage that. It
s a difficult challenge, but with patience and the necessary changes, Im sure United will return to where they belong,โ€ concludes Cruijff.