Third evening riots in Spain to lock up rapper

In several Spanish cities, riots have arisen for the third day in a row after the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél. People went out to the streets because they want the rapper released.

Spanish media report disturbances in Barcelona and Valencia. In Barcelona, stones were thrown and a barricade was erected. In different places, small fires broke out. Hundreds of people went out to the streets in several cities in the Basque Country, but there the protests were peaceful.

Arrests and Injuries

The riots started Tuesday. At that time, according to police, 18 people were arrested after violent protests, particularly in Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia.

Yesterday, the police fired rubber bullets to drive the people out. In Madrid, 55 people were injured, including 35 police officers. The police stopped dozens of people.

Majestys Grace

In 2018, Pablo Hasél was sentenced to nine months in prison for majesty and glorification of terrorism in his lyrics and on Twitter. For example, he called the resigned King Juan Carlos a mob boss and compared the court to Nazis.

Hasél had until Friday at the latest to report for his imprisonment, but he was holed up at the University of Lleída in an attempt to avoid the sentence. After 24 hours, the police arrested him anyway.

The case has led to a fierce debate in Spain about freedom of expression in the country.