Third Marrakesh repatriation flight landed at Schiphol

Transavias third repatriation flight from Morocco has landed at Schiphol. The aircraft came from Marrakesh just like the previous two (yesterday and the day before yesterday). According to a spokesman, the 189-seat device was almost full.

Morocco has banned all flights to and from the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom because there is an increase in corona infections in those countries. The Moroccan authorities did, however, authorize Transavia for ten repatriation flights.

In the next few days there will be four more flights from Marrakesh, one from Casablanca, one from Nador and one from Tangier. According to the spokesperson, the majority of Transavia travelers are in those cities.

Empty seats

For the most part it is regular flights, whose tickets were already sold. Transavia tries to get the best picture of which passengers are using their ticket and which are not, so that empty seats can be filled with passengers on cancelled flights.

In total, there were about 3500 people on a Transavia ticket in Morocco. Some of them have already left Morocco on their own. According to the spokesperson, the fact that many passengers do not use their return ticket.

As a

result, the airline expects to bring the most customers back to the Netherlands with the ten repatriation flights. If there is no space left on a Transavia flight, the company helps people find a different solution, such as a flight via Paris or Brussels. Flights to and from Belgium are still permitted by Morocco.