Third season pass announced for Anno 1800 with three add-ons

The creators of Anno 1800 from Ubisoft announced a third season pass, which will include three fresh additions. The season starts on February 23 with the first addition of โ€œDocksโ€, which will make the city a center of world trade. In this regard, the free update will make changes to the menu of trading routes.

And the marinas connecting the buildings will serve as streets. In the spring, the second addition โ€œTourist seasonโ€ will be released, with which a new class will open – obviously tourists.

In this regard, it will be possible to build many restaurants and hotels, and there will be an Eiffel Tower. The season will complete the large-scale addition โ€œNew Heightsโ€, which will be released in the summer.

It will allow players to create huge skyscrapers, attracting investors. At the same time, the update will add a new scoring system.

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