Thirteenth and last federal execution carried out under Trump

In the United States, another federal prisoner was executed last night. It is the thirteenth and last during the reign of Donald Trump. 48-year-old Dustin Higgs was given an injection of the lethal pentobarbital in the prison of Terre Haute, Indiana.

His execution was carried out shortly after the Supreme Court rejected a request for postponement. Higgs was sentenced to death because he ordered the murder of three women in 1996.

Higgs had invited the women to his apartment with two friends. Because one of them rejected his advances, he suggested bringing them back home. Instead, he stopped in a secluded place. According to the prosecutors, Higgs gave one of his friends a gun and ordered them to shoot the women. That man was sentenced to life imprisonment, so Higgs himself was sentenced to death.

Hes always denied ordering the murders. According to a witness who was present at the execution, he did so again shortly before the execution. Higgs mentioned the names of the three victims and said he was innocent.

Biden wants to stop executions

The federal government in the United States had not carried out death sentences for 17 years, until Trump ordered it to start again last year. Since 1900, in the reign of an American president, there have not been as many executions as under Trump. His successor Joe Biden has announced his intention to put an end to federal death sentences.

Last Wednesday, for the first time since 1953, a female federal prisoner was executed and also yesterday a death sentence was carried out.